Development & Training

Our employee training cards have been designed to simply manage the busy demands of the cleaning schedule throughout the week into daily tasks.

By introducing our cards there’s no excuse for missed jobs, which can easily be identified and managed throughout the building.

Each card is site specifically tailored to our customers requirements.

Created by our employees from the operations team ensuring they are tried and tested.

In addition throughout the cleaning calendar its important we share our knowledge with our customers for potential outbreaks such as Norovirus. So in readiness we prepare additional training for our employees, ensuring controlled measures are in place to reduce risk.

To add continuous support to our cleaning teams we share regular updates, toolbox talks and the results from our quality customer audits, having a firm understanding of where the cleaning standards are in REAL TIME.

Sansum Solutions also supported by Jangro Uk allows our staff further online training opportunities which they can complete at the leisure through our online portal. On completion certification is awarded.

Welfare Support

It’s important to Sansum Solutions as a Company we continue to engage and enhance our awareness of Mental Health.

Sasha Dimmock who heads up our recruitment is the first point of contact for any potential new employee, so its vital we ask the right questions allowing all applicants a opportunity to work for an employer who values great people.

Sasha have now engaged with St John Ambulance to attend an awareness course to help Sansum Solutions corporate responsibility and employee support, which will be shared with the Senior Team.

As an employer we need to ensure our understanding of Mental Health continuously improves so identifying the right people to Champion us. This then can be carefully absorbed into the Company brand and filtered out to our teams, reflecting an openness to approach, discuss and support when needed.