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Staff welfare and working with the community

In any working environment its important to ensure your staff feel valued and as part of your team, naturally you cannot keep everyone happy all of the time. In most cases if you communicate well, encourage, develop and give your time in the most effective way possible, your passion and application will be welcomed. At

Staff welfare and working with the community2019-04-18T15:56:26+01:00

Cleanest Classroom Award

Cleanest Classroom Award - Its GOLD for Class 5! Keeping it Clean!  As part of our continuous service plan, Sansum Cleaning Solutions works very closely with our Educational contracts developing our service and showcasing the importance of taking responsibility of your own working space. Our incentive to our Schools, is please keep your classroom environment

Cleanest Classroom Award2019-04-17T10:35:12+01:00

Old fashioned customer service !!

Times may have changed but there are some things time, should never change. One of those things is good customer service. Customer service should never go out of fashion. How may times have you heard someone say, “customer service is not what it used to be” or “no one seems to care anymore”. As margins

Old fashioned customer service !!2019-03-21T09:02:39+01:00
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