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Winners are Grinners

Sansum Solutions Group continues to promote the importance of working with our educational friends. In Wiltshire the 'Cleanest Classroom Award' continues to be well received by the pupils and the staff, with a sole purpose of proving the cleanest working environment for all. Marie Halpin our Senior Area Manager, visited Nursteed Community Primary School, for

Winners are Grinners2021-11-10T20:15:12+01:00

Sansumteers Plummet from 15,000 feet for Children’s Hospice South West

Skydiving is certainly not for the faint-hearted, nor for one particular member of the team with a genuine fear of heights and flying, Sansum’s HR Manager Rachel Porter.  We were all here as the result of a meeting one morning at the beginning of May earlier this year discussing events on the calendar through our

Sansumteers Plummet from 15,000 feet for Children’s Hospice South West2021-11-04T12:00:45+01:00

Employability and Diversity at Sansum, rebuilding our local economy

Here at Sansum, we pride ourselves on equality and diversity embracing multiculturalism, promoting and accepting differences between people, ensuring individuals are treated fairly and equally no matter their race, gender, age, disability, religion or sexual orientation. Commercial Cleaning Company of the Year As a double award winning company, having won Sedgemoor Business Excellence

Employability and Diversity at Sansum, rebuilding our local economy2021-09-30T15:32:54+01:00

Sansumteers take to the skies on 7 October 2021 for Children’s Hospice

Due to inclement weather, three of Sansum's management team will now take the plunge from 15,000 ft at Dunkeswell Airspace in Honiton on 7 October 2021 in aid of the charity Children’s Hospice South West. So fear not, the three Sansumteers are still set on taking the sky to the limit with its continuing fundraising

Sansumteers take to the skies on 7 October 2021 for Children’s Hospice2021-09-28T13:56:29+01:00

Supporting Educational Next Steps

“Community Engagement project – Kings of Wessex Academy Employability Hub – unlocking creativity, expanding horizons” Kings of Wessex school, a co-educational school for 13-19 years olds based in Cheddar, also part of the Wessex Learning Trust, are taking the initiative to create better employment prospects and choices for our young people who will be our

Supporting Educational Next Steps2021-07-12T10:50:40+01:00

Recognition for Shannon at Sansum Recruitment

We are delighted to award Shannon Matthews 'Employee of the Quarter' for January - March 2021. Since joining Sansum Solutions Group, Shannon was employed as our Payroll & Compliance Coordinator, previously working as a Recruitment Consultant managing Bristol and Birmingham portfolios respectively. With no hesitation Shannon hit the ground running learning our new systems and

Recognition for Shannon at Sansum Recruitment2021-04-29T18:47:32+01:00

Sansum Recruitment Launch

Officially created in October 2020 Sansum Recruitment returns for business as lockdown eases  globally. Shannon Matthews takes the reigns of developing our new business adventure, part of Sansum Solutions Group Ltd.  Why Recruitment? A question we have been asked many times, why start a recruitment company now? Over the past 24 years our Managing Director,

Sansum Recruitment Launch2021-04-23T11:51:40+01:00

Double delight at Sansum

Sansum achieves ISO 9001 certificate for its Quality Management Systems and maintains its Safe Contractor accredited status for the fourth year running At Sansum Solutions we have continued to grow and thrive in what can only be described as an ever changing and evolving environment, particularly in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic.  By continuing

Double delight at Sansum2020-11-13T17:19:39+01:00

Safe Guarding Training Bar Raised at Sansum

As the bar continues to rise across vulnerable contracts, Sansum Cleaning Solutions have added an additional layer of support to our management and supervisory teams. Sansum Cleaning Solutions currently uses uCheck for DBS screening, enabling us to mobilise new contracts swiftly, ticking all the compliance boxes, in readiness for new employees joining our Company. One

Safe Guarding Training Bar Raised at Sansum2019-06-27T11:56:30+01:00

Staff welfare and working with the community

In any working environment its important to ensure your staff feel valued and as part of your team, naturally you cannot keep everyone happy all of the time. In most cases if you communicate well, encourage, develop and give your time in the most effective way possible, your passion and application will be welcomed. At

Staff welfare and working with the community2019-04-18T15:56:26+01:00
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