Times may have changed but there are some things time, should never change. One of those things is good customer service.

Customer service should never go out of fashion. How may times have you heard someone say, “customer service is not what it used to be” or “no one seems to care anymore”.

As margins get tighter, often customer service gets over looked and suffers, but its because margins are tight that good customer service is fundamental to the success of any business.

When I’m prospecting, one of the key issues that perspective clients say to me is their current service provider are not listening and appear not to care.

At Sansum Cleaning Solutions, we make it our business to stay close to our clients ensuring we evolve with their changes. Retention is so important in todays business market, so ensuring the basics are delivered meaning a clean environment, proactive service and versatility, will bring strong retention and strong customer relationships.

Thank you for listening.