We are delighted to award Shannon Matthews ‘Employee of the Quarter’ for January – March 2021.

Since joining Sansum Solutions Group, Shannon was employed as our Payroll & Compliance Coordinator, previously working as a Recruitment Consultant managing Bristol and Birmingham portfolios respectively.

With no hesitation Shannon hit the ground running learning our new systems and developing our payroll processors with the assistance of our HR & Payroll Manager, Rachel Porter.

With Sansum Recruitment being born in the Autumn of 2020 and the gentle lifting of the national restrictions imminent, Gemma and Jason supported Shannon’s energy and experience of driving Sansum Recruitment as ‘Head Recruitment Specialist.

Since taking the responsibility of leading our new adventure, Shannon has instantly attracted new customer relationships to Sansum Recruitment and now in the position of employing our next Recruitment Consultant, adding further value to our Company.

Pictured is Shannon receiving her award from Managing Director – Jason Woodcock.