The Sansum Smuggler Team after our abseil

The Sansumteers that took to the skies and plummeted 15000 feet from Dunkeswell Airfield on 21 October morphed themselves into the Sansum Smugglers, from the top of Wells Cathedral on Friday 10 June, this time raising vital funds for SOS Africa, a UK child sponsorship charity that provide holistic education to South African township children.

Fallon (here I come SOS Africa)

Six of of the Sansum’s team including Jason Woodcock (MD), Emma Woodcock (Company Secretary), Rachel Porter (HR Manager), Kim Clarke (Business Support Manager), Fallon Cormack (HR & Payroll Assistant) and Jennifer Wilson (Business Development Manager) all took the plunge, in true Sansum Smuggler style, together with two of the teams children who also bravely joined the challenge, Klara-May Woodcock (10) and Sylvia Wilson (11).

The youngest Sansum Smugglers Klara-May and Sylvia

As we prepared to drop from the height of 9 giraffes, we had Rachel, hanging on for dear life like Rapunzel at the top of the tower, although sadly, no prince waiting at the bottom for her and Kim, bravely facing her fear of heights too, clinging to the scaffolding thinking ‘why am I about to do this’.  Indeed, it was a dizzy height for all concerned, bracing themselves for the drop down cheered on by fellow Sansum supporters waiting eagerly below.

Rachel (aka Rapunzel)

Kim (where’s the vodka)









The highlight for the true heroes of our abseil, were the unexpected additions to our team, of our two youngest members Klara-May and Sylvia, who ended up taking their turns last at the top of the tower of the Cathedral, showing all us quivering week kneed folk below, how the professionals do it, no fear at all.

Emma (bring it on!)

Jason (easy like Sunday morning)

We managed to raise sponsorship of £850.00 as a contribution to the good work that SOS Africa are undertaking for the children in South Africa. However, funds can still be gratefully received by accessing our just giving page below.  Watch this space for our next Sansum adrenaline rush adventure.

Sansum Smugglers Abseil Team is fundraising for SOS Africa (