Naturally cleaning in any medical environment means attention to detail, infection control and putting patients first at all times. Ensuring the demands of patient safety is paramount, Sansum Cleaning Solutions will work to the standards set by Care Quality Commission (CQC).

Sansum Cleaning has strict employee training cards in place for our employees, giving our staff simple but effective direction in delivering a first class cleaning service. Our employees complete a full induction with a short test at the end ensuring they understand the key elements of cleaning and the preventing of cross contamination.

In addition, Sansum Cleaning Solutions Ltd can provide a extensive catalogue of medical supplies creating a simple service solution for our customers from having to order from different supplies.

Managing standards on a consistent basis is important to Sansum as your service partner and our customer ensuing all KPIs are meet, developed and recorded. The local account manager will complete our Quality Audit sharing the audit result with the cleaning team so they feel valued and are able to continuously learn and develop their cleaning skills, giving them a better understanding of the importance of evolving infection control practices.