In any working environment its important to ensure your staff feel valued and as part of your team, naturally you cannot keep everyone happy all of the time. In most cases if you communicate well, encourage, develop and give your time in the most effective way possible, your passion and application will be welcomed.

At Sansum we as a team believe in our simple vision ‘Employ great people to look after our valued customers’. Generally it can be that simple, however identifying the right staff is always an art of getting it right. Once you have the right team, ‘looking after them’ reaps the benefits for the employer and staff.

You do not have to give continuous pay rises or bonuses as in todays world, doing so would create ongoing financial operating issues, as reflected in the latest news with many high street brands and operators struggling to survive.

Our simple message, is look after the good ones and they will look after you, the same to our customers, look after our customers and why would they go elsewhere?

We believe the most motivating tool is showing how valued the team are, this can be changing working patterns, a short day before their holiday begins, a recognition award or a simple thank you so much!

Everyone ones life has its own complications so being flexible is always a winner!

Sansum always tries where we can to support local events, clubs, community fundraisers and inspirational people; giving back is always well received and it does feel good, to help.

Remember it doesn’t need to be hundreds of pounds, every little helps achieve the objective which is the same in business, giving will always be rewarded.

Gemma Sansum & Jason Woodcock