Community Engagement project – Kings of Wessex Academy Employability Hub – unlocking creativity, expanding horizons”

Kings of Wessex school, a co-educational school for 13-19 years olds based in Cheddar, also part of the Wessex Learning Trust, are taking the initiative to create better employment prospects and choices for our young people who will be our next generation entering the workplace industry, in what can only be described as a extraordinarily challenging time following the Covid-19 pandemic.

As a local employer providing commercial cleaning contract and facilities management solutions throughout Somerset and the South West, Sansum Solutions Group have decided to donate a cheque for £1,000 and be one of a key number of local business supporters to help Kings of Wessex Academy realise its plans in the creation of the Employability Hub.

The Employability Hub will teach and provide practical ways for our young people of Somerset by developing essential skills such as being able to write a successful cover letter, writing a CV and completing job applications successfully, including how to prepare and present yourself in the lead up to interview.  The Hub will empower young people, unlocking creativity and expanding their horizons, in aspiring to develop vital employment skills, building confidence.

Jason Woodcock, Managing Director of Sansum Solutions Group Limited said,

As a parent of three children, one of whom is about to start secondary education, I have become concerned about how the impact of the pandemic has left our young people feeling vulnerable, socially excluded and without the necessary skills, tools and experience that they may need, particularly for those going through their final years in secondary education.  I believe it is essential, therefore, that our young people are able to access signposting for career guidance as well as gain skills in feeling confident in the whole application and selection process necessary to source genuine work opportunities”

Sansum Solutions Group recognise, as a growing business, that it is important to help build the next generation of people and prepare them to become our successful workforce of the future, paving the way to unlocking creativity and expanding the horizons of our young people, so they can create their own individual success story for a brighter future.