Sansum Solutions Group continues to promote the importance of working with our educational friends.

In Wiltshire the ‘Cleanest Classroom Award’ continues to be well received by the pupils and the staff, with a sole purpose of proving the cleanest working environment for all.

Marie Halpin our Senior Area Manager, visited Nursteed Community Primary School, for her regular monthly quality assurance audit and to award the ‘Cleanest Classroom Award’.

Nominated by Marie, Venus class have continuously supported Sansum by stacking chairs, picking up coats, pencils, and any other items between classes, this allows the cleaning team to focus on hygiene instead of tidying a classroom before the cleaning regime begins.

Well done to ‘Venus Class’, who were awarded with gold stickers, a certificate, £50.00 donation to the class, to spend as they choose, along with a trophy and LOTS of chocolate 😊

Keep up the good work Nursteed Community School, we look forward to seeing who our next winners are in the New Year!